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From: Dallas Hinton (1:153/715)
To: All
Date: Thu, 28.01.21 20:34
Rules of the Echo
SURVIVOR is a mutual support echo for people who are experiencing or
who have an interest in adversity. The content of the echo may be
quite varied, but all material must have some relevance to dealing
with adversity.

We participate in SURVIVOR to share our experiences and our insights
so that we can grow and learn together, therefore we maintain a
supportive environment in this echo.

We recognize the right and responsibility of the individual to make
his or her own choices, and we respect one another's point of view.

No participants will be included or excluded on the basis of their
vital statistics, ethnic origin, religious beliefs, medical history,
and/or gender identity.

Sex, religion, and politics are off topic except by prior arrangement
with the moderators.

No form of proselytizing is allowed, including (but not limited to)
advertisements for commercial products and/or commercial services,
advertisements for religious literature, and "witnessing for Christ"
or otherwise seeking converts to any one religion in particular.

The use of pseudonyms is permissible in this echo, but no messages
may be posted from an "anonymous remailer".

Rulings by the moderators are not open for discussion in the echo.
If you have a problem with a ruling, please discuss it in private.

... Life is about communicating!

Cheers... Dallas

--- timEd/386 1.10.y2k+
* Origin: The BandMaster, Vancouver CANADA (1:153/715)


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