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From: Daryl Stout (1:19/33)
To: All
Date: Thu, 10.12.20 16:50
Ultimate Back Scratcher?

AH> A shaggy dog story? Yeah, another blast from the past.... SmileWink

Sounds like a title for a Disney Movie. <G>

AH> Sounds like a plan. With many folks being unable to visit
AH> others in person because of COVID-19, the computer is an important way
AH> to keep in touch.

With the BBS work, ham radio nets, and square dance related stuff, I've
got more than enough to keep me busy, even though I'm here alone.

AH> Hmm. There is still a lot we don't know about this disease,
AH> and I'd been wondering whether the same person could get it twice
AH> within a short time. I've heard one's immunity to at least some
AH> variations on the common cold lasts only for a couple of weeks
AH> afterwards. And I myself have had the "90-day flu" ... so nicknamed
AH> because it tended to come back after 90 days. :-Q

I've been dodging that, but can't dodge UTI's and epididymytis (this has
been going on for 2 months). The urologist examined me, and said there was
no evidence of kidney stones or testicular cancer. But, the constant groin
pain is annoying to say the least.

AH> Was she near-sighted? I can certainly relate to that. The
AH> last time we went to the optometrist, I pointed out that there was dust
AH> on the lenses he uses for testing... which were, of course, within a
AH> few inches of my own eyes. He took my word for it because he's
AH> far-sighted & hadn't noticed... [chuckle].

It's possible...all I remember is that her glasses were real thick!! But,
she could find typos in BBS menus, bulletins, etc., on the first look. I
was so embarrassed!!

AH> Sounds nice. I hope for your sake that the risk will be less
AH> by that time than it is at present. We experienced a slowdown of
AH> COVID-19 here during the summer... and the rules were relaxed a bit.

I'm not overly optimistic...but regardless, it's the last one. The
arthritis is really getting bad.

AH> But now we're into the second phase & battening down the hatches again.
AH> We're being strongly advised not to travel unless we absolutely have
AH> to & large gatherings are prohibited.... Smile

I've been able to take part in virtual meetings via Zoom, but it's not
the same as being there in person. I do have to be sure that "I'm decent"
before starting the chat. Razz

AH> * Origin: Wits' End, Vancouver CANADA (1:153/716)

DS> The name sounds like where I've been at lately. Razz

AH> Glad to know you understand where I'm coming from...
AH> [wry grin].

I can just see a sign with a town having that name...Welcome to
Your Wits End. <G>

DS> It reminds of the cartoon where this huge piece of silver
DS> is in the street...the proverbial "fork in the road". <G>

AH> In English class we'd describe that as a live metaphor...
AH> which to me is particularly amusing because I once found a dinner fork
AH> when I took a short cut through the woods to the dumpster in a local
AH> campground. It was on a path which, though unofficial, showed signs of
AH> having been been used often.... Smile

But those plastic deals break so easily...or maybe the food was cooked
too long. Razz


... I couldn't repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder.
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