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From: OldGold (1:396/4)
To: All
Date: Sun, 14.06.20 19:26
Selling some excellent Rock,Jazz and Classical - A+
From: OldGold <>

Pablo Casals - Bach Six Suites For Cello - Original Set - NM

Tchaikovsky Quadraphonic 1812 Overture - Romeo & Juliet - NM


Rare: Philips Motional Feedback Demonstration Record

Yehudi Menuhin Unaccompanied Violin Bartok/Bloch Sonatas UK ASD 3368

Roy Ayers Ubiquity - Red Black and Green Polydor 1973

Tony Bennett - Left My Heart in San Francisco Columbia 2 Eye CS 8669

Stan Getz - Another World - Signed

Freddie Hubbard / Polar AC CTI 6056 - Van Gelder RVG - NM

Charles Mingus - Prestige - NM

Gerry Mulligan Meets Johnny Hodges Verve V- 8536

Ornette Coleman - Science Fiction - Original

Otis Redding TELL THE TRUTH Atco - WLP Promo

Son House J.D. Short - Delta Blues Folkways

THE WHO - TOMMY - Original DECCA pressing

Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - Fool on the Hill A&M SPX 4160

Bon Jovi PROMO Pressing ~ Wanted Dead or Alive - Different Versions

Boston - Third Stage - Original Pressing Near Mint!

Eric Clapton - 24 Nights Duck Records - Rare

Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks - Near Mint - Columbia

Grace Slick The Great Society - Rare - Psych

John Mayall - USA UNION Polydor - Near Mint - Original

LOVE - Out Here Love Featuring Arthur Lee

McCartney Apple stao 3363 - Nice!

CATS - Original Broadway Cast Recording - SEALED

Follow the link for complete descriptions, gradings and photos. Thanks

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