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From: VOICE News Service (1:396/4)
To: All
Date: Sun, 19.04.20 05:37
SW: libevent, nettle, pthread, kbuild, libc, libcx, gcc, gnutls, klusrm
From: VOICE News Service <>

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++


libevent, nettle, pthread, kbuild, libc, libcx, gcc, gnutls, klusrmgr, opus,
giflib, libwebp

//We released version 2.1.11-2 of libevent (Abstract asynchronous event
notification library), version 3.5.1-1 of nettle (A low-level cryptographic
library), version 0.2.1-1 of pthread (A posix pthread emulation for OS/2 and
OS/2 based systems Wink, version 0.1.9988-15 of kbuild (kbuild is a GNU make
fork), version 0.1.4-1 of libc (Standard Shared Libraries), version 0.6.8-1 of
libcx (kLIBC Extension Library), version 9.2.0-3 of gcc (Various compilers (C,
C++, Objective-C, ...Wink, version 3.6.12-1 of gnutls (A TLS protocol
implementation), version 1.3.2-2 of klusrmgr ((kLIBC) User Manager), version
1.3.1-1 of opus (An audio codec for use in low-delay speech and audio
communication), version 5.2.1-2 of giflib (A library and utilities for
processing GIFs), version 1.1.0-1 of libwebp (Library and tools for the WebP
graphics format)
It is uploaded as rpm to the netlabs rel or exp repository. To install just use
either yum or ANPM. If anyone prefers a zip file, those are available at the
netlabs rel repo>; or at the netlabs exp

What's new in libevent:

* fix a wrong if in the spec

What's new in nettle:

* first OS/2 rpm version

What's new in phtread:

* fix compiler warnings
* make pthread_key_creation thread safe
* make pthread_key_t integer for compatibility with POSIX
* fix a regression of 0.2.0 (Dmitriy Kuminov)
* fix wrong dates in spec file

What's new in kbuild:

* EMX: Make memchr assembly override work with GCC 9 optimizer

What's new in libc:

* Build with GCC 9 and for pentium4 as well as for i686
* devel: Install logging version of DLL to /@unixroot/usr/lib/log/
* complete changelog>;

What's new in libcx:

* complete changelog>;

What's new in gcc:

* Provide libgcc1 and libstdc++6 as aliasses for libgcc and libstdc++6
as somelete .spec may use Require them directly
* Change mpc-devel dependency to libmpc-devel (remaned according to

What's new in gnutls:

* first complete OS/2 rpm version

What's new in klusrmgr:

* Testfix for uninitislized groupname variable
* Clean fix for uninitiazed groupname. stem variable

What's new in opus:

* cloned source to our github
* updated to latest version
* synchronized the spec with latest fedora spec
* add bldlevel info to the dll

What's new in giflib:

* moved source to github
* synchronized with latest fedora spec
* removed double files in devel
* used original source and adjusted the Makefiles

What's new in libwebp:

* first OS/2 rpm version

To be able to finish our goals we need *your support*. Please sponsor as much
as possible via our webshop
ang=1> or via our Patreon page>;.

-- freundliche Grüsse / kind regards
Silvan Scherrer

/Silvan Scherrer
AROA Informatik AG

Tel. +41 71 243 55 77>; /
--- NewsGate v1.0 gamma 2
* Origin: News Gate @ Net396 -Huntsville, AL - USA (1:396/4)


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