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From: A.D. Fundum (1:396/4)
To: n/a
Date: Sun, 14.06.20 14:57
From: "A.D. Fundum" <what.ever@neverm.ind>

[A few newsgroups removed]

> Did anyone try the DosSetFilePtrL(Wink route that
> we're trying now? Did you try implementing
> the FS_CHGFILEPTRL method

Just want to mention it here, regarding an IFS (and/or NetDrive
plugin). Some ZIP.IFS may be nice-to-have, in such a way that an
"archive" file (with smart caching?Wink can be used as if it's a drive.
Yes, there are a few disadvantages and yes, the so-called competition
has it.

Regarding archives, new APIs and bugs.LZH is easy to use, for one
because of the EAs-switches (/e /a /s):

Known bugs, at least some: unclear support for an unclear number of
files, number of files is limited, it's not Y2K-proof, <CTRL-Break>
may leave files behind (e.g. APPLY-EA.CMD), it may not support large
files, the % complete isn't updated frequently with large files.

But there's a newer version, supporting more files and Y2K-proof:

But this one isn't stable, it frequently crashes and fails. IIRC I had
to downgrade and restore lost files. Version 2.22 is more reliable
than this v2.28, with can be considered to be broken.

So regarding an IFS, a ZIP.IFS could be nice-to-have. Regarding
archives, the Y2K-one is broken for LZH files.

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