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From: Rick C. Hodgin (1:396/4)
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Date: Sun, 14.06.20 14:57
Christianity is not a religion
From: "Rick C. Hodgin" <>

For some, a religion is all Christianity will ever be. They miss it.

Religion says, "If you do this, then you will achieve that." What
Christianity is is this: "You cannot achieve Heaven on your own
because you're riddled with sin. So, I will meet you at the point
of your sin and forgive you, making it then possible for you to
have that which you could not otherwise have."

When you apply this to Christianity it's God's love poured out for
us, despite our guilt, despite our sin, despite us having been rude
and mean and hateful and rejecting Him with everything in our lives
for even decades ... yet does He love us. Yet is He willing to forgive

Christianity is not a religion

Why TRUE Christianity is NOT a religion

I don't agree with the speakers on everything they write, say, or
do, but on these points they nailed it.

God comes to us while we are STILL sinners, He then cleanses us and
makes us whole, right, restored in God's sight, which then filters
in to the rest of our lives here by the new nature He also gives us.

True Christians do because we have been changed from within and it is
now our natural desire to do, not because of religious rituals.

It's a relationship ... with Jesus.

Rick C. Hodgin
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