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From: Janis Kracht (1:261/38)
To: All
Date: Sun, 04.03.12 18:27
The FidoGazette Vol 06 No 05 Page: 9


Fidogazette is published by Janis Kracht, Editor, with the
help of Richard Webb 1:116/901 (Old School ToolBox). If
you have an ideKa for a column or a series of articles,
please contact me Smile

MailingList subsriptions via // lists / ?p=subscribe
but of course you can always link into your uplink and use
Tick or a tick compatible program.

Where to Send Your Articles

Unlike most editors, I surely do not mind running my mouth
when there is a sparcity of articles for the 'zine. I'd
MUCH rather you sent in material... lacking that, I will
fill these issues with my meanderings and thoughts and
hopefully we will grow into something of consequence here

Write an article!

If you WOULD like to submit an article, feel free to drop
your article off at:

Email attach to address: janis @

Fidonet attach: Janis Kracht at 1:261/38
Modem: 607-655-5652
Binkp: 1:261/100 port 24555
telnet mailer:

If you are using routed fidonet mail, don't send articles as routed
attaches. They will fail somewhere along the path before getting here.
Send them instead direct to

Give it a title, sign your name and network address if you have
one and send it along!

Don't worry about the format, I can take anything you send me
and mutilate it further as you can see above. Linux is nice
that way (g). Spell checking your own work will help though
(something I'm typically guilty of (g)Wink.

To send reviews or recipes to the Food section, email or
netmail Janis as above.

Email address for submissions to Dr.Debug:
To send a question to Dr. Debug, email a question to:
drdebug @
or post in the fidogazette echo! Smile

To send a listing to the FidoGazette bbslist, email your
listing to:
bbslist @
or post it in the fidogazette echo!

FIDOGAZETTE Vol 06 No 05 Page 9 March 04, 2012


Published with MakeNews2 by Janis Kracht 2011-2012

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* Origin: Prism bbs (1:261/38)


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