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From: Daryl Stout (1:19/33)
To: All
Date: Mon, 27.02.12 11:33
Ham Radio And Weather
RW>HI Daryl,

Hi, Richard...

RW>Yeah know the feeling. Laughter is sometimes the only thing that saves us My family's big on that. IF you can't
>laugh at yourself you'll never make it around them. We've
>had people in public say we shouldn't pick on each other
>that way. IT doesn't take them long to figure out it's all
>in good fun though.

I did a "ham radio wedding" on a recent local net..."uniting ham and
radio in Holy Telephony" . Several folks could not stop
laughing...I'd venture to say they were close to wetting their pants!!
I'm going to do another "Special Format Net" on April Fools Day on
"ham radio humor". I had to leave the part of some "unknown Q signals"
out of it, as some of them were a bit too risque' to put on the air!!

>DS> posting things. We're supposed to have severe weather here Tuesday
>DS> and Tuesday night, then Friday and Friday night. So, I likely will
>DS> be busy at

RW>I can relate, that means MEmphis will be busy too, 146.82

Yeah, we're so nice in Arkansas, to share our bad weather with you
downstream. But, you can get live audio from the W5DI Repeater
system at -- just click on the LISTEN icon. If
the severe weather threat is isolated, you'll likely hear me on "The
Weather Watch Net". But, if things come together, weather could get real
nasty around here in a hurry.

RW>IF you're on echo and want to say hi look for ke7ua which is the link to our
>local 146.94 machine. Call me two or three

About the only time I get on the air now is for's rare that
I'll ragchew. I use the Outpost Packet client to do packet mail to my
home BBS (N0KFQ in Branson, Missouri). It allows RF and Telnet access,
which is good, considering the packet network in Arkansas isn't what it
used to be. Besides, I need to rest up for the storms this week. I have
noted hams talking about you in other a good way, though.

RW>I see Mark responded in this thread as well.

I'm just waiting on his reply.

Daryl, AE5WX


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