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From: Richard Menedetter (2:310/31)
To: n/a
Date: Thu, 11.06.20 16:40
Be prepaired ;-)
Hi Terry!

11 Jun 2020 23:40, from Terry Roati -> Michiel Van Der Vlist:

MVDV>> IPv6 adaption is going tantalizingly slow.
TR> I beleive it is due to hardware upgrade delays, ISP's like making
TR> money no spending it until they have to.

Nope ... the hardware in the field supports it for years. (at least all the IP
equipment and the vast majority of the CPEs)
It is the cost of the configuration.
It is more complex to support dual stack, and the average customer is not
willing to pay an extra.
So there is no business case.
Why should they spend money on configuring something that the vast majority of
their customer base does not care about.

CU, Ricsi

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