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From: Daryl Stout (1:19/33)
To: All
Date: Fri, 24.02.12 19:16
RW>HI Daryl,

Hi, Richard...

RW>DS> That goes for anti-diarrhea medicine as well.
>Oh yeah luckily don't have that problem usually .

Like I told my XYL (ham radio for wife, for the non-hams) once "my
head is so far up my butt, I can see my throat". Without missing a beat,
she said "no wonder your eyes are brown"!!

Yes, I'll have some more salt on my crow, and another piece of humble

RW>At least if your voip goes out you've still got ham radio as do I .

The internet also helps me with Echolink and now D-Star...using the DV
Dongle, and checking into the Memphis D-Star Net Friday evening...when
the gateway is up.

RW>Talk to Mark who moderates the wx_talk echo. I bet he'd
>like your today in weather history posts there, might spark
>some conversation occasionally.

I think he was the original moderator of the WEATHER echo...the one
that Mike Powell and myself co-moderate.



--- Virtual Advanced Ver 2 for DOS
* Origin: (1:19/33)


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