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From: Roy Witt (1:387/22)
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Date: Mon, 20.02.12 10:19
Magic Jack
19 Feb 12 18:37, Janis Kracht wrote to All:

JK> With a new service, Magic Jack Plus, Magic Jack now offers the
JK> ability to connect directly to your router, with no computer
JK> required.

There are now three types of Magic Jack. The first was a module that they
call the PSTN that plugged into a USB port. The second, which is much
better is all software and is called Magic Talk or MJ-PC. I have two MJs
going; the module that costs you $39.95 is the module plus software (the
software is why it will only work with WinXP or better).

The price of the module includes your first year of phone service. The
software version, Magic Talk is purely software even though it cost the
same as the module version to start out. It will also work on a Mac.

I also have two 'free' phone numbers, one for each version. You can get
Magic Talk from MJ's website (you have to create an account first to
access what else is available besides the Plus that they're pushing
now)...may even have to buy the Plus now to create an account.

JK> the price is a bit steeper than normal MJ - at $69.95
JK> rather than $39.95.

Either price is for the module plus the first year of service. The Plus
module can be used without a computer. The software version and the
PSTN module two require a computer with WinXP.

One year renewal of the first module costs $19.95. The PC version (all
software) costs the same as the first 'module' and costs $29.95 for a 1
year renewal. But, it's licensed to be used on 4 different computers where
the module can only be used on one computer at at time.

JK> I'd be interested to see some reviews of
JK> Magic Jack Plus though I can't imagine their technology will
JK> improve line quality much..

Your sister may have other problems, such as the speed of her ADSL/DSL. I
have 1.5meg down with less than 1meg up speed and both of my 'jacks' do
very well with that speed. Could also be your end, as you've said that the
service isn't exactly what it should be.

JK> If I switched to MJ, I'd lose the simple landline connection
JK> when storms affect your electricity.

We have that happen here quite often, but who's going to worry about a
short interuption when everyone else is unplugging electronic devices to
avoid damage from lightning. Satellite TV service has more interuptions
during those storms than my PCs do. When storms affect your electricity,
nothing else works anyway.

JK> but maybe the $$ I save on the phone bill could be put to one of
JK> those gas-driven generators? That could be cool. Before I did
JK> that though, I would want to make sure that the MJ technology has
JK> improved quite a bit.

Invest in one or the other cheaper MJs and find out how the service is at
your place, before going the generator route. Better yet, buy a UPS if
you're so worried about not being online for a while. I know I wouldn't
bother with either when that problem shows it's head.


... Only those who will risk going too far can possibly
... find out how far one can go ~ TS Eliot

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