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From: Janis Kracht (1:261/38)
To: All
Date: Sun, 19.02.12 19:37
T h e F i d o G a z e t t e! Vol 6 No 4

This week Nick Kill and I played around with our systems a bit..
He called my bbs via modem with his internal Conexant Modem -
he was successful, and then I connected to his bbs using my
U.S.Robotics Courier.

With those two successful connects under our belt, we then moved
on to mailer connections a few days later...

Here's a clip from my log showing a recent connection by Nick's

120215 12:31 CONNECT 31200/V34/NONE
120215 12:31 EMSI mail session
120215 12:31 Amachat BBS, 1:261/1406.0

The neat thing about this for Nick was that he's using a Magic
Jack phone line, not a standard POTS line, and the same type
winmodem I'd attempted to use earlier over here.

If one's internet connection is out, TCPIP connections across
fidonet will fail of course... with a POTS line, you'd still be
able to connect to a HUB say like mine which uses both TCPIP and
a POTS line on two different nodes.

Magic Jack works by converting the analog signal used for
transmission of voice data via the PSTN (regular landline
telephone network) to a digital signal that can be transmitted
over the Internet... so if you use MagicJack and your internet
goes down.. well you're back to "no-where".

To use 'standard' Magic Jack, you need a computer with a high
speed Internet connection and an ordinary home phone. You don't
need a landline or existing phone service of any kind.

Plug one end of the Magic Jack into an open USB port on your
computer, plug a standard phone line into the other end of the
Magic Jack, and make and receive calls just as with any other
phone service, using your regular home telephone.. sounds
wonderful doesn't it?

There are other considerations though .. among them, from what
I understand, your PC must be turned on to make and receive
calls. Some customers who use magicjack complain about
connection quality and complete device failure. My own sister
who calls me with Magic Jack experienced horrendous line
quality, dropped words in the conversation and sometimes
couldn't even connect here (she'd get the equivalent of "all
circuits are busy" when she'd try to call).

Others say that Magic Jack software is almost impossible to
remove from your computer.. and I've read that Magic Jack
software also will display advertisements on your computer.
Just what we need Smile

With a new service, Magic Jack Plus, Magic Jack now offers the
ability to connect directly to your router, with no computer
required.. the price is a bit steeper than normal MJ - at $69.95
rather than $39.95. I'd be interested to see some reviews of
Magic Jack Plus though I can't imagine their technology will
improve line quality much..

If I switched to MJ, I'd lose the simple landline connection
when storms affect your electricity.. but maybe the $$ I save
on the phone bill could be put to one of those gas-driven
generators? That could be cool. Before I did that though, I
would want to make sure that the MJ technology has improved
quite a bit.

FIDOGAZETTE Vol 6 No 4 Page 3 February 19, 2012


--- BBBS/Li6 v4.10 Dada-1
* Origin: Prism bbs (1:261/38)


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