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From: Benny Pedersen (2:230/0)
To: All
Date: Thu, 11.06.20 00:25
Hello Rick!

08 Jun 2020 20:54, Rick Smith wrote to All:

RS> I was wondering if anyone can recommend a backup program, I would like
RS> to run (auto if possible) routine that can back up certain directories
RS> and ftp it to my NAS, I have a routine for the ftp part if the backup
RS> program cant do that piece..

backup ?, if your linux server is ftp, then sync that with the nas, if there is
apps to mirror ftp ?

i just say rsyncd on linux server, and then rsync client on nas, no problem,
remember to make the rsyncd running read only, so its not sync both ways and
get loosing files, hoppefully you dont want that

i can help with the rsyncd if needed

Regards Benny

... there can only be one way of life, and it works Smile

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