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From: Janis Kracht (1:261/38)
To: All
Date: Sat, 11.02.12 18:17
POTS only node - question.
Hi Richard,

>>I was wondering if anyone had a rough count of POTS only nodes in Fido? Also

>> In Zone 1, we have about 90 some pots nodes.. I deleted all the
>> duplicate Host, entries, and the ZIN entries.. so that's pretty fair
>> guess I'd say. That is anyone who had a 1- entry in the phone
>> field.

>> Not sure about Zone 2 yet..much harder to count because of the
>> different country codes.. There are 1368 lines (duplicates not
>> checked) that fly the V34 flag..

> INteresting. Which nodelist did you use, .034 or 041 for
> that?

I used nodelist.041 last night Smile

> Reason I ask:

> One of those hasn't be operating pots now since last summer, but one of his
> multiple entries still indicates he does.
> Another is down, hoping to return in the spring.

Yes, I deleted at least one of those that I knew was Down.. Smile

> Some interesting stats though. OF those listed in z1 I'd
> venture a guess the majority are still using the internet
> for primary mail handling.

Yes, that's what I'd guess as well. I'd have to look more thoroughly though to
be sure.. also, I didn't check for anyone using 1- when they shouldn't have,
but nothing screamed out at me when I was looking at the list last night.

>>is anyone aware of Fido nodes using VoIP for their POTS service? Just curiou

>> As a matter of fact, Nick Kill and I were testing that yesterday and
>> today.. He's got a magicjack line there. I was able to log onto his
>> test bbbs as a user with my Courier V.Everything.. First he tried
>> logging onto my bbs as a user... it took several tries for him to
>> connect here with his MagicJack connection and HSF Modem, but I
>> attributed that to our modems training up/down before they settled
>> into a connection here. Then I called his system as user and it
>> also took a few tries before I connected .. I tell you, I forgot how
>> slow a phone connection could be as a user LOL but seriously, I
>> attribute that to settings we later though of, that kind of thing.
>> When he called here, he connected 31200/ARQ/V34/LAPM/V42BIS.. hehe

> I've heard two different verdicts on that. Some say that
> higher speeds don't work well, others sing its praises. i

I think if we'd turned off compression on both sides, we'd have done better.

> think Mike Luther was involved in some of those
> conversations, maybe in z1c or the muffin echo back a
> couple years ago. Best conclusion I could come to iirc from reading those
> posts was the old saying "your mileage may
> vary."

That makes sense too.. You're dealing with a lot of variables that might not
have been taken into consideration, like compression.. which modems are being
used, etc. etc.

>> Next we'll try connecting mailer to mailer.. that MIGHT be easier ..
>> I think..

> Sure might, will be curious.


>> I DO think it's a worthwile thing.. with costs like magicjack
>> boasts, it could be tempting to drop this darn telephone line that
>> costs me over $30/month + more for LD plans..

> Yeah sure it could, but I'd hate to see everybody do that,
> because that puts us right back in same trick bag. But,

Yep, and worse if the electric goes out even if your internet is still "on"

> backup routing to route around internet outages was one
> reason I suggested the idea of a cooperative of pstn
> connected folks who were willing to route mail, and
> establish connections with other mail movers with pots
> capability to provide good routing connectivity even when
> such an outage occurred. For that I asked for a bit more
> info than one could get from the nodelist, i.e. which other
> systems the cooperative member regularly connected with, and was willing to
> route mail for; requirements to link up for
> an echomail and file feed; etc.

> Iirc I think two or three folksw actually sent me info of
> that type which I have around here somewhere.

I'd have though more would have..

> What would be even more telling is to break that down by
> FIdonet regions here in z1. I'd have to do some careful
> looking through the raw nodelist itself, but I think that
> every region has at least one with pots connectivity. Not

Agreed, would be a good thing to check regionally.. though I think offhand R11
might have the most.. just remembering glancing at the numbers last night, but
I could be off there.

> sure about r14 since Bob Ackley went down though, and Bob
> would be problematic for the little backup cooperative idea
> I put forward a couple years ago because he doesn't have any internet
> capability.

Right.. it goes both ways sometimes.. Sad

Take care,

--- BBBS/Li6 v4.10 Dada-1
* Origin: Prism bbs (1:261/38)


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