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From: Roy Witt (1:387/22)
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Date: Sat, 11.02.12 07:10
POTS only node - question.
10 Feb 12 23:31, Janis Kracht wrote to Mark Hofmann:

>> I was wondering if anyone had a rough count of POTS only nodes in
>> Fido? Also, is anyone aware of Fido nodes using VoIP for their POTS
>> service? Just curious

JK> As a matter of fact, Nick Kill and I were testing that yesterday and
JK> today.. He's got a magicjack line there.

I've been wondering about this. I have a MJ module but it needs WinXP or
better to run. I've used it on my laptop, which has Vista and it works
fine. But not sure about it working with a modem. I have an OEM XP disc
that I'll use to install it, sometime in the near future. In the process
of building a computer that will be dedicated to just that using DBridge.


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