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From: Joe Schweier (1:342/200)
To: All
Date: Sun, 07.06.20 09:51
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RS> Greetings ib!

RS> 05 Jun 20 09:47, you wrote to All about an urgent
RS> matter!:

ij>> Taking the plunge and getting the latest WINS. I have paid for
ij>> 7.something and never used it. I have been playing with Synchronet
ij>> and Mystic over the past little while and though I see the effort
ij>> behind those 2 projects I am just drawn back to WINS...

RS> I had wins back in 97, I thought about running that again
RS> and contacted hector and he would not honor my license
RS> from back then, which I almost understand (tho we are
RS> hobbyist not making money with it) but having to pay AUP
RS> is what keeps me from coming back. I will say I think it
RS> is fine software, just not really worth the money at
RS> least to me.

If I go to the gun range it cost me money. If I go golfing... it cost me
money... If I play with the stupid BBS... it cost me money. I was one of the
first to get WildCat 5... paid in advance and waited for the software to be
completed. I have always been loosly updated, hence I only had to activate my
AUP ... but my installed verson on my HDD not functional and I do nort want to
look for my install disks so I Santronics to send me a copy. So here I wait
untill I get my install disk..

I have played with other software, SynchroNET & Mystic, the only two worth
mentioning, and I keep getting drawn back to WINS. The only problem I can see,
and I'm not looking hard, is that Sanrtronics is spending alot of time on the
larger aspects of the software, webserver, email server, and all the
commercial aspects.... I wish more work is/was done on the telnet side and the
rlogin... Anyway, we'll see what happens...

Thanx for responding...


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RS> Rick Smith (Nitro)

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