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From: Ross Cassell (1:123/456)
To: All
Date: Sat, 03.12.11 13:55
Hello Moderator!

03 Dec 11 13:05, You wrote to All:

Mo> Now that the election coordinator has ruled, there is no added value
Mo> in further discussion regarding the eligibility to vote for RECs not
Mo> listed with the REC user flag.

Mo> That subthread is now off-topic.

Thank you.

Now perhaps you can address the topic of votes themselves..

If the following votes:



" "

Are valid choices on a cast ballot, then the person casting any of the three
choices should not be castigated/criticized for them.

If the sentiment holds that "Yes" is the only real choice to use, then why dont
we put people on the FTSC by virtue of them being nominated and lets do away
with the election process?

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