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From: Bjrn Felten (2:203/2)
To: All
Date: Fri, 02.12.11 14:52
BF>> Of course. I challenged it before he cast his vote (in a comment to
BF>> Roy).

RC> So I ask again, would you have done the "same thing" if Dallas had voted
RC> for both you and Michiel?

I've already answered that question (se above). The answer is still the

RC> I note today that RC30 voted no for you and yes to all the rest, to what
RC> do you attribute his no vote that might be different from the other no
RC> votes you received?

I have no idea why, but a good guess is that they -- like so many others --
think that this is a popularity contest.

People who wants the FTSC to remain a toothless tiger should make sure that
nobody with outspoken opinions, who is not afraid to call things with it's
proper name of fear to become unpopular, should vote no to any such candidate.

And vice versa of course...

RC> Also since you brought up voting and election protocol in your failed
RC> challenge, would you not find it odd that Michiel Van Der Vlist is
RC> himself counting the votes with himself being on the list of candidates?
RC> Would not the proper thing to do is to have someone coordinate this
RC> election who has no standing to vote or be voted up or down?

Michiel's integrity is in my opinion way above any doubt, so I have
absolutely no problem with that.

If you, on the other hand, have problems with it, how come you didn't object
two years ago, when *you* were a candidate? The situation then was exactly the
same as now.

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