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From: Anton Kuznetsov (2:463/68.648)
To: All
Date: Fri, 11.12.09 12:28
Bad name for segment
Dear Ward,

9 Dec 2009 10:10, you to Rc46:

WD> Your region-segment was named REGION46.343 instead of REGION46.345.
WD> Please review your procedures, you've had this error before.
WD> Even segments delivered for Wednesday's ZONE2-file need to have next
WD> Friday's Julian-date.

You wrote:

* From : Ward Dossche, 2:292/854 (8 Oct 2009 09:36)
* To : Pavel Gulchouck, 2:463/68
* Subj : Re: Regional nodelist segment
!CC: Anton Kuznetsov


PG> How often sending regional segment is reasonable now, and what
PG> segment filename extensions are valid?

I process segments every hour. Technically, soon that will be "as they arrive".
So at the moment 24 segments per day is a possibility.

I don't care about the extension anymore as I rename them per definition to a
valid value. Too many people made errors in them anyway.

PG> I remember some time ago our regional segment was not included
PG> into world nodelist due to incorrect extension (daynumber was not
PG> Friday, file was renamed on receiving).

That was "years ago", not "some time".

PG> Now, when DAILYLST fileecho created, is it
PG> possible and sensible to send you daily regional segments with
PG> extention of current daynumber (not Friday)?

Yes, if there are modifications it would make sense.


So, since you mentioned "I don't care about the extension anymore", then
the sender puts current day number into the file extesion.
What's wrong?

(It's not a problem to fix the nodelist name to ".345", but then why did
you write "I don't care about the extension"?Wink

Anton Kuznetsov

* Origin: Tony @ Odessa-mama (2:463/
205 Goodbye


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