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From: August Abolins (2:221/1.59)
To: All
Date: Mon, 17.02.20 23:22
routing and msgs to points
NA> The D'Bridge system you have configured as .59 and you are trying to send
NA> a
NA> message to .58 correct?


NA> You need to route the message through the Boss if this is the case. You
NA> cannot
NA> send a message directly from .59 to .58. You can certainly compose a
NA> message
NA> to any point or system in the Pointlist, thats no problem - but it is
NA> important that the message is routed to the Boss.

I am not specifically tagging the message as crash or direct. I am just
writing the message and saving it. I was assuming that D'B would take care of
the routing if there are no other specifics provided.

NA> That is how the mailer was designed and why you are seeing the message
NA> for .58 as Hold/Unlisted because the mailer cannot directly send to
NA> another
NA> point system.

OK. I get that. No problem.

But here's an interesting thing. I created a message for Tommi at 2:221/1.1
and D'B queued it up to poll 2:221/1 as expected! But, this happened:

20200217 21:55:21 [9780] BEGIN standalone, binkd/1.1a-99/Win32 -C -pv
20200217 21:55:21 [9780] clientmgr started
20200217 21:55:21 [9780] the queue is empty, quitting...

..and the message just seems to get dropped. Sad

--- D'Bridge 4
* Origin: Mans Mazais Eiropas D'Bridge Punkts (2:221/1.59)


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