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From: Rick Smith (1:105/10.1)
To: All
Date: Tue, 16.02.21 07:36
Greetings mark!

Tuesday February 16 2021 06:02, you wrote to me about an urgent matter!:

ml> * Forwarded from area 'ra_32bit'

RS>> I am wondering if there is a good link to download RA ?

ml> uncle google turns up numerous sites that have it available but i know
ml> that you can get it from my system which was the last of the beta
ml> sites until Hurricane Florence came through in 2018 and killed the
ml> system running it...

Thank you Mark... Yeah I spent a bit of time on Google (maybe not enough)
seemed I could find pages full of dead links.. I was about to give up looking
at it, so I appreciate your response.


Rick Smith (Nitro)

... Hacker? Where do you think the name comes from BBSing
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