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From: Sean Dennis (1:18/200)
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Date: Fri, 07.02.20 10:05
The Weekly ARRL Letter
The ARRL Letter
February 6, 2020

* ARRL HF Band Planning Committee Seeks Comments on Recommendations
* "The Auroral Connection" to Be Focus of 2020 HamSCI Workshop
* Undersea Expedition Planned to Retrieve Titanic's Radio Gear
* The K7RA Solar Update
* Just Ahead in Radiosport
* Clayton Coleman, W5PFG, Elected AMSAT President
* ARISS Announces Hosts for Space Station Ham Radio Contacts
* 7X7X DXpedition Showcases Cooperation and Youth
* President Signs PIRATE Act to Combat Illegal Broadcasting
* In Brief...
* Upcoming ARRL Section, State, and Division Conventions
ARRL HF Band Planning Committee Seeks Comments on Recommendations

The ARRL HF Band Planning Committee is seeking comments and suggestions
from the amateur radio community on its report to the ARRL Board of
Directors. At the Board's January meeting, the committee presented its
specific recommendations in graphical form for each HF band and each US
license class, with the goal of increasing harmony on the HF bands,
particularly between CW and digital users.

"In general, the committee is of the opinion that there is
justification for additional space to become available for digital
modes, as well as for the operation of digital stations under automatic
control," the committee told the Board. "The very changes in spectrum
usage that have required our committee's resurgence indicate that
digital modes of communication are already increasing in popularity,
and the trend is expected to continue or even accelerate. To this end,
we have tried to ensure that digital allocations are sufficient for at
least a modicum of growth."

The committee also anticipates an increase in automatically controlled
digital stations (ACDS). The report further points to "significant use"
of modern data modes in emergency communication and said its
recommendations provide significant support for the evolution and
continued relevance of amateur radio. "Our failure to adapt to these
needs could consign amateur radio to the technological scrap heap," the
report said.

The committee was revived last summer to consider conflicts between FT
and JT modes and other modes. The panel's approach has been to
designate distinct assignments for CW, narrowband (NB) data


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