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From: Moderator (1:18/200)
To: All
Date: Wed, 15.01.20 04:05
HAM Echo Rules
The Fidonet HAM Echo Rules
Updated 27 January 2019

Moderator : Sean Dennis KD5COL (1:18/200)

HAM is for the discussion of amateur radio in all of its forms.

By your participation in this echo, you agree to the following rules:

* Real names are required to be used in this echo. No aliases. If
your BBS software will not allow you to toggle between real name and
alias in the message header, sign your message with your real name.

* All messages must be in English. You may post a message in your native
language as long as an English translation accompanies the native
post in the same message.

* No blatently off-topic posts such as BBS ads, "test" messages,
et cetera.

* Any traffic concerning Fidonet matters, such as alleged "echo
hijackings", complaints about other echoes and their moderators,
or any traffic construed as such by the moderators is OFF-TOPIC.
Absolutely none of that is allowed in this echo and violators will
be dealt with swiftly. Please take such discussion to netmail or
another appropriate echo.

* Be civil and have a sense of humor.

* Please don't gate this echo to USENET, a mailing list, another BBS
mail network, an online Fidonet mail archive, or anything else
without the moderator's express and written permission. This is
a Fidonet echo and needs to stay in Fidonet.

* This echo does not recognize any local or regional echomail policies
such as EP1. This echo originates in Zone 1 and follows Zone 1 policies
concerning the "echolist".

* The moderator has the final say in dealing with problems in the echo.
If you have something to say about a moderator's action, please
contact them via netmail (preferred) or email.

* This is a living document and will be adjusted as needed.

* This document will be posted on the 1st and 15th of each month and
when needed.

* Please don't hesitate to contact the moderators with any questions.

Thank you for your participation in HAM!

-- Sean Dennis KD5COL
HAM Moderator

--- SendMsg/2

--- Squish/386 v1.11
* Origin: Outpost BBS * Limestone, TN, USA (1:18/200)


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