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From: alexander koryagin (2:5020/400)
To: All
Date: Sat, 28.07.12 22:23
smelled like horse

From: "alexander koryagin"

Hi, mark lewis! How are you?
on Saturday, 28 of July, I read your message to alexander koryagin
about "smelled like horse"

ak>> In Golden's "Arthas: Rise of the Lich King" I read:

ak>> [Arthas was indeed sweaty and knew he smelled like horse.]

ak>> Why on earth it is not "smelled like a horse"? ;-)

ml> substitution comes in again...

ml> which of the following is (more) correct?

ml> Arthas was indeed sweaty and knew he smelled like fecal material.

ml> Arthas was indeed sweaty and knew he smelled like a fecal material.

IMHO, there are no articles before substances, unless you use "a piece of...."

ml> but, to be honest, i think it is more "poetic license"... perhaps the
ml> author is trying to show that the smell of one horse doesn't cover
ml> it... a crowd of smelly horses smells like... well... horse ;)

Well... In short, a grammatically correct phrase would have been too awkward in
this situation. ;)

[...A lot of people mistake a short memory for a clear conscience]
Bye mark!
Alexander (yAlexKo[] + 2:5020/2140.91
fido7.english-tutor 2012

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