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From: Roger Nelson (1:3828/7)
To: All
Date: Mon, 15.04.19 21:01
On Tue Apr-16-2019 08:24, Paul Quinn (3:640/1384) wrote to Roger Nelson:

PQ> On 15 Apr 19 13:03, you wrote to me:

RN> you better have Quantas tickets ready in case I meed help. (-:

PQ> Take a number & wait. I'm on a pension now, and actually have
PQ> priorities. Smile I can still drop those videos off to you. I just
PQ> don't see the sense in a session pw for a quickie.

As am I.

PQ> Oh dear. Such a waste for homage to M$. All 16 would be available
PQ> to 32-bit Linux. I'm only doing 64-bit now since VirtualBox
PQ> insists on it.

While I had the money, I planned ahead. 2 of the drives are 1T and the other
is 2T.

PQ> OH, BTW. I learned my lesson after wasting a CD back in 2010 and
PQ> don't waste CDs or DVDs on D/L'd ISOs as vBox can use them
PQ> directly, when booting up a doover-lackey VM. So, I can check them
PQ> out and dump them if I'm not happy. Ta-da!

I have a program that converts them and you may then view them prior to burning
-- no more coasters.

I need Vbox to run ln 32-bit mode because that's what D'Bridge will eun in.

... 2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, a peso. All for Zorro stand up and say so.


--- timEd/386 1.10.y2k+ Lauren Hutton
* Origin: NCS BBS - Houma, LoUiSiAna - (1:3828/7)


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