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From: Bob Ackley (1:300/3)
To: All
Date: Mon, 03.01.11 07:35
Egypt underperforming
Replying to a message of Wicked Licks to All:

WL> Egypt's military, the biggest recipient of U.S. military aid after
WL> Israel, is in decline, according to American diplomats, who blame the
WL> Arab nation's top brass for failing to modernize and adapt to deal
WL> with new threats.

Mp doubt they're pocketing as much of the money as they can get their hands on.
That's been a problem with US foreign aid since at least WW II.

WL> U.S. diplomatic memos leaked this month show previously unknown
WL> friction between the two allies over military assistance and strategy.
WL> Military cooperation has always been seen as an unshakable link
WL> between Egypt and the U.S., even as the political side of the
WL> alliance has gone through public ups and downs over Washington's
WL> on-and-off pressure on reform and human rights.

WL> The disagreements, the memos show, are over a wide range of topics,
WL> with the U.S. pressing Egypt to focus its military toward terrorism,
WL> halting cross-border smuggling and helping out in regional crises.
WL> They also suggest that, to the dismay of the Americans, the Egyptian
WL> military continues to see Israel, its enemy in four wars spanning 25
WL> years in the last century, as its primary adversary 31 years after
WL> the two neighbors signed a peace treaty.

No surprise there. Islamics from the Atlantic Ocean to Indonesia are taught
that from birth.

--- FleetStreet 1.19+
* Origin: Bob's Boneyard, Emerson, Iowa (1:300/3)


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