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From: Ross Cassell (1:123/456)
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Date: Wed, 29.12.10 12:39
The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention
Hello Bob!

BA> People in this country don't want to spend four days on a train when
BA> they can spend six hours in an airplane. The only part of this
BA> country where rail transport can compete with the airlines is between
BA> Washington DC and Boston, and that onlly because of delays at the
BA> airports.

Keep in mind that over in Europe, its actually more feasible to have a rail
system, especially since rebuilding it was a piece of cake after WW2, their
population centers arent the same as ours, and many of those whom we be
discusing this with, forget that their nations in landmass are on par with the
landmass of one of our states. I also imagine with the tax structure over
their, it is not practical for many to own a car, and in some cases need one.

BA> Rail transport really isn't too practical in rural areas of this
BA> country. There's not enough passenger volume to justify a
BA> self-propelled passenger car let alone a whole train. Rail commuter
BA> service IS practical in the more densely poopulated areas - Washington
BA> DC to Boston, the SF Bay area and Los Angeles.

The DC Metrorail system is nice.. When I lived up in Northern Virginia, they
had several lines going into the MD and Va suburbs, but they buit a line that
ran down the median strip of Interstate 66, which incidentally ran by my
neighborhood.. So a leisurely walk or a quick bike Ride, I could go to the
subway station up on Gallows Road, take a trip to the Smithsonian.. I think
this same line now extends all the way to Manassas. (Bull Run et al) I think
they have or are planning to extend a line out to Dulles.

I remember when they were constructing it in DC itself, as a school kid then,
we used to take field trips in to the National Zoo, US Mint, White House and
all the important places like Smithsonian, I can remember all the steel plating
on the streets and associated construction equipment.

On a couple of occasions our field trips were impromptu, when Ford and was in
office and both entertaining some foreign leaders, our school system was called
to send some students on a field trip to the White House to be crowd fillers..

I can honestly say that those who did not live in the DC area, were
under-privileged for the rich experiences we had growing up and going to

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