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From: Ross Cassell (1:123/456)
To: All
Date: Wed, 29.12.10 10:46
The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention
Hello Janis!

28 Dec 10 22:34, you wrote to me:

>> It was an expression Janis and you live in a state that proves the
>> expression.

JK> BS, Ross. The gross caricature was not necessary. Ward was right on
JK> with this one.

Then for a liberal you are playing the prude.. If I had used a reference to
genitalia or some such, you would have a point, however the words sexually and
excited both separate or together do not imply anything gross.. You being our
resident 60's flower child, I cannot believe you are stretching this.. Where is
that damn VW magic Bus when you need it, someone get the Navel Jelly, we need
to scrape the rust off of it!

>> Have you lost count of all the taxes they have raised on you since
>> you moved t New York?

JK> Beyond cigarettes sold in NYS (we don't get them here, I'm the only
JK> one that smokes so we go elsewhere), the only tax that has gone up
JK> here since moving from KY is property tax - that's not "federal
JK> taxes" or even "State" taxes. That's Broome County taxes.. so all the
JK> children in Broome can attend quality Schools. We don't have any kids
JK> at home of school age, but we sure don't balk at that tax.

New York, New Jersey and Massachussetts have the highest tax rates of any state
East of the Mississippi and NYS is in the top 3 in the country.

Property Taxes are a once a year occurence, not ongoing weekly/biweekly trauma.

JK> We live in a state where people pay for services they get, Ross. A
JK> state that pays more IN to the fed. gov't than it gets back, unlike
JK> that federal welfare state you live in.

So why do you suppose your state has lost a sufficient amount of population to
cost it (Come 2012) what 2 Seats in the House and of course the loss of 2
electoral votes.. Why did my state gain one? Your taxes are too high Janis.

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We hoped and we got change!

... Taxes are the sexual aphrodesiac for every Democrat.
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