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From: Richard Webb (1:116/901)
To: All
Date: Tue, 28.12.10 20:24
The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention
On Tue 2038-Dec-28 17:04, Bjoern Felten (2:203/2) wrote to Richard Webb:

RW> We began abandoning the improvements in railroad technology
RW> quite a bit earlier, which is why NIxon had to create
RW> Amtrack, to keep essential infrastructure to move commuters on the
RW> eastern seaboard.

BF> A very good point. Indeed, US rail was steadily going down the
BF> drains after having won the west, once again proving that "The
BF> Market" can not be trusted with the infrastructure. But with Nixon's
BF> "Rail Passenger Service Act" you could now have been world leaders
BF> on high speed trains and other more efficient ways of transportation
BF> than air and road. But Reagan put a stop to that.

See Bob Ackley's recent post on the subject, as he's right
on all counts. Amtrack is underfunded, and the system is a
An example of what he's talking about is what happened in a
small town in south Central Iowa. Grain elevator had a spur ran by it, they
moved a lot of grain by rail and other
supplies in.
Local building supply place could get product, lumber,
bagged concrete, other products in bulk by the train car
load, passing on savings to its customers.

Grain elevator changes from the family that owned it to
another entity. First thing the grain elevator does is shut down all rail
shipping. Railroad shuts down the spur line.
LIttle town argues that railroad right-of-way be torn up,
made into a bicycle trail or some such nonsense. Building
supply outlet can't get materials as cheaply by truck, which means he can't
compete with Lowe's, home despot, etc. in the big city 20 miles to the north.
Local business loses, local residents lose.

BF> Instead France, Germany, Japan and China are now world leaders on
BF> high speed trains. And you guys keep on building cars and trucks...
BF> Sad

YEp, and high speed trains are the future of transportation
imho. But, our railroad infrastructure would need a
complete rebuilding to do it. REmember, the interstate
highway system was built supposedly for defense readiness,
and put a bunch of money in all sorts of pockets.
But, our large urban areas are going to have to adopt some
sort of efficient mass transit systems or choke to death.

WD>> For years I have been saying that history is not ready yet to
WD>> recognise Nixon as one of the all great Presidents the US ever had.

RW> I've been coming to that realization over the years as well,

BF> A safe sign should be if a president of yours is facing
BF> impeachment. If he is, he obviously has disturbed the mighty
BF> military-industrial complex of yours. If a lying scumbag like GWB,
BF> who single-handedly is responsible for not only the worst US deficit
BF> in history, but also for more US casualties than all the so called
BF> "terrorists" combined, could evade impeachment, that sure as hell
BF> should sound some alarm bells IMHO.

But GWB holds himself blameless. Dick was a standup guy and took his lumps.
YOu can get by blaming others if you've got lots of friends with lots of money.

Nixon never really did have lots of friends with brrels of
cash. Nixon was always treated like the guy that's real
handy for the group to have around but nobody wants to sit
next to in meetings because he farts all the time. Een his
religion wasn't that mainstream. W on the other hand
courted the noise machine and made it his friend.

--- timEd 1.10.y2k+
* Origin: (1:116/901)


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