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From: Ross Cassell (1:123/456)
To: All
Date: Tue, 28.12.10 19:16

28 Dec 10 16:23, you wrote to me:

BF> If I were to raise your salary by 100% and at the same time taxed
BF> you down to your present level of net income, would you object? Simply
BF> because it gives you socialist vibes?

If they advertised jobs with incomes stated after tax, I dont think anyone
would object..

The Problem Bjorn, is that to pay someone at a level to offset taxes, would
place that wage into cost prohibitiveness.

BF> And don't you understand that your present tax level simply means
BF> you are footing the bill to coming generations? Aren't you even aware
BF> of the fact that the US now has one of the worst deficits in the
BF> entire world? Who do you think will pay your debts eventually?

There is that.

BF> It's as if you go to a really expensive restaurant and order the
BF> most expensive menu -- and then you pay for a Big Mac and leaves the
BF> rest of the bill to your kids and grandkids and their kids. Do you
BF> understand what that makes us think of you egotistical, greedy guys?

BF> Do you really think that the European standard of living is as bad
BF> as your tax percentages show?

I think the unemployment rates over there are higher, and where does the burden

RC>> Govt sponsored enterprises over here are broke and broken..

BF> And the reason for that is? Jeezzz, Ross, I really thought more
BF> about you than that...

See my comment to Ward on this.

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