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From: Bob Ackley (1:300/3)
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Date: Tue, 28.12.10 18:46
The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention

RW>> We began abandoning the improvements in railroad technology
RW>> quite a bit earlier, which is why NIxon had to create
RW>> Amtrack, to keep essential infrastructure to move commuters on the
RW>> eastern seaboard.

BF> A very good point. Indeed, US rail was steadily going down the
BF> drains after having won the west, once again proving that "The
BF> Market" can not be trusted with the infrastructure. But with Nixon's
BF> "Rail Passenger Service Act" you could now have been world leaders on
BF> high speed trains and other more efficient ways of transportation
BF> than air and road. But Reagan put a stop to that.

As I noted in my earlier post, in the US the railroads must compete with
subsidized competitors - airlines and long-haul trucks.

People in this country don't want to spend four days on a train when they can
spend six
hours in an airplane. The only part of this country where rail transport can
compete with
the airlines is between Washington DC and Boston, and that onlly because of
delays at
the airports.

BF> Instead France, Germany, Japan and China are now world leaders on
BF> high speed trains. And you guys keep on building cars and trucks...
BF> Sad

Rail transport really isn't too practical in rural areas of this country.
There's not
enough passenger volume to justify a self-propelled passenger car let alone a
train. Rail commuter service IS practical in the more densely poopulated areas
Washington DC to Boston, the SF Bay area and Los Angeles.

My sister tells me that communities are springing up around some of the BART
(Bay Area Rapid Transit) station in the East Bay area near San Francisco.
can walk to the BART station and be in downtown Oakland or downtown SF within
an hour.

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