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From: Bob Ackley (1:300/3)
To: All
Date: Tue, 28.12.10 18:43
The inhumane conditions of Bradley Manning's detention
Replying to a message of Ward Dossche to Ross Cassell:

WD> Ross,

RC>> Belgium is as high as 50% and the Netherlands as high as 52%...

WD> 50% taxes?

WD> I'm making pretty good wages and I'm paying 25.18% taxes.

RC>> Why would you think a Swedish, Belgian or Dutch model would work
RC>> everywhere?

WD> That's a valid question, countries are set-up different.

WD> You're happy with what you have? Fine with me ... it's inferior to
WD> what we have but whatever keeps you happy ...

RC>> Govt sponsored enterprises over here are broke and broken..

WD> The military? Air Traffic control?

Yes to both questions. Just about every level of government in this country
from the feds
down to the local towns have enormous amounts of debt; very few of them are

Saw an article recently that some sixty percent of air traffic controllers in
this country
hate the FAA, which is their employer...

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* Origin: Bob's Boneyard, Emerson, Iowa (1:300/3)


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