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From: Jeff Smith (1:14/0)
To: All
Date: Mon, 04.12.06 15:27
FidoNews Editor MIA?
Hello Carol.

05 Dec 06 01:23, you wrote to me:

CS> *** Quoting Jeff Smith from a message to Carol Shenkenberger ***

JS>> I would have to agree. For some time the Fidonews has been
JS>> basica stagnent. We as members of Fidonet need to make the
JS>> Fidonews once agai usefull part of Fidonet instead of something to
JS>> be ignored. I have voi my concerns about the Fidonews and offered
JS>> my suggestions. But it seem

CS> Well, we have to submit articles before we can bemoan the lack of
CS> them.

That is true and I blame us all for not submitting more. Can't blame
the editor when articles are being submitted.

JS>> that I am from the wrong zone. But that will not stop me
JS>> from d what I can to make the Fidonews better again. I don't claim
JS>> to have so

CS> Honestly, I havent really seen any 'proof' of the allegations that
CS> there is a problem getting posted from other zones. Seems he's just
CS> getting posts from Z2 mostly lately then getting blamed for it.

It's not so much that the editor doesn't post articles from other
zones. At least I haven't seen a problem there. My point was that if you
are from a zone other that Z2 what you have to say is rejected out of
hand. At least that has been my experience. It has been plainly stated
in the Fidonews echo that things are done the Z2 way. If people don't
like it then leave or start their own Fidonews and echo. IMO that isn't
a solution but just another way to further divide Fidonet.

CS> It did seem wierd to get a snooze with an article and rebuttal to the
CS> same article in the same issue, but both were published.

I submitted an article and Michiel was given a copy or made privy
to the article so he could reply in the same edition of Fidonews. Bjorn
and Michiel of course deny this. The reply by Michiel isn't what bothered
me. It was the special privileges that Bjorn seemed to be showing his
friends over everyone else.

JS>> to try to talk to people that look at where you come from BEFORE
JS>> they will listen to what you have to say.

CS> Thats been a bit of a problem perhaps, for all of us.
CS> xxcarol

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