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From: Earl Truss (1:123/789)
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Date: Sun, 10.12.06 16:31
The Weather
"Paul Rogers -> Miles Maxted" wrote in message
MM>> The media is full of global warmth, but all this unseasonal
MM>> weather seems to be generally accepted without comment...
MM>> Are we alone in that down here, or is your local weather out of
MM>> sorts, too ?

PR> Portland just had the wettest November on record, which probably
PR> doesn't mean much unless you're familiar with this part of the
PR> states. But we have it on the good authority of the Republican
PR> Party and President Bush that this is just normal fluctuations,
PR> not anything to do with any crackpot ideas like global warming.

Here in Minnesota, twenty years ago, I used to take my kids on their first
big snow-sledding outing on Thanksgiving weekend because there was always
several inches of good snow. Our first snowfall was usually just after
Halloween. I moved to Florida and then came back to Minnesota ten years
ago. Since then, there is hardly any snow at all until after Thanksgiving
and there is usually very little snow at Christmas. In fact, this year we
have set and continue every day to set a new record for the latest date
without .5 inch of snow. There is still no snow on the ground and the
little we have had has melted immediately. Instead of the temperature being
around 20 F, we recently had a high over 50 F - almost a record but missed
by a couple of degrees. I've heard some people say that our weather is now
like Illinois instead of Minnesota. I miss the Minnesota seasons.

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