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From: Bob Seaborn (1:140/12)
To: All
Date: Sat, 03.11.12 10:17
Error in the Region 17 / Net 153 segmment
> Dear All,
> I know this is not the place to complain, those that can are
> most likely reading this Echo. Apart from that it could lead to a
> feature in makenl.
> For quite a while the following error shows in the Nodelist.
> ;E DOWN,779,RoadRunner_X,Grande_Cache_Alberta,Randy_Sommerfeld,
> -Unpublished-,9600,XX,CM,V32b,V34,V42b,
> ;E -- Invalid keyword -- 'FILES'
> This concerns 1:153/779 and my best guess is that the error is
> generatedon his system. That would be consistent with the second error
> line as
> FILES could be the next keyword in te configuration file.
> As the system is apparently down, no corrections are sent.
> Had the host segment been processed, by a current makenl, then DOWN
> would have
> been converted to "Down" and the line a valid entry.
> Can someone contact Dallas Hinton or Bob Seaborn, to correct this line
> in their
> segment.

The netseg from net 153 passes through my makenl here, without problem
or reported error. Currently I use Davd Nugent's NLMAKE from 1999.

fwiw, I can trigger the error anytime I want on Janis' system by
flagging any node down. It's happened in the past when net 140, net 342, and
this time when net 153 flagged a node down. Removing the "down" keyword, or
totally deleting the node seems to solve the problem.

> Now for the feature request.
> Would it be usefull if higher level, e.g region or zone, processors
> would
> correct these lower level error, that are O.K. in de current makenl.
> One could look for ;E DOWN and chane it back to DOWN or Down.
> I can think of other errors, that are correctable, From the past I
> remember
> a case error in "Unpublished". Again an error that is now handled by
> makenl.

As I stated above, there is NO error generated whan I run NLMAKE.EXE

> Correcting errors like these can ofcourse also be done by a
> preprocessor.
> Regards,
> Kees van Eeten
> --- FPD v2.9.040207 GoldED+/LNX 1.1.5
> * Origin: My views are moderated by a virtual Penguin (2:280/5003.4)


--- GEcho/32 & IM 2.50
* Origin: (1:140/12)


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