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From: Gert Andersen (110:300/1)
To: All
Date: Thu, 01.11.12 16:44
MakeNL Ubuntu packages
Hello Rj!

Tue Oct 23 2012, Rj Clay wrote to All:

RC> Although I primarily use Debian myself, I do realize that a
RC>number of people use Ubuntu and would rather have packages that are
RC>there. By way of testing an 'FTN Applications Team' project at Launcpad
RC>has package archives, that Sourceforge does not currently have), I had
RC>build a MakeNL v3.2.7d package for Ubuntu v10.04 (Lucid) which it
RC>appears to
RC>have done with no problem. I figure to have it build and make available
RC>versions as well.

RC> The apt repository can be used by adding something like the following
RC>for instance, /etc/apt/sources.list:

RC>deb dist main
RC>deb-src dist main

RC> Where "dist" is something like "lucid" (v10.04) or "precise"

I came in mind of some good new thin there could be make update for MakeNL
there is that the post for netmail could be made so it can and will post to
more than 1 type of netmail format where it now only like to post to Fido OPus
style netmail as .msg, but makenl too can come to post to Squish and other mail
format styles.

Take care,

- Get the best with linux -

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