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From: Andrew Leary (1:320/119)
To: All
Date: Wed, 24.10.12 01:21
CVS Updates
Hello Rj!

Tuesday October 23 2012 22:14, Rj Clay wrote to andrew clarke:

ac>> But CVS is fine.

RC> If only because it may be the only one we all have in common...

I now do most of my work with MakeNL on my Linux system, so a switch to GIT
isn't really a problem for me either. I then zip up the source tree and ship
it to my OS/2 machine to make sure it compiles cleanly with OpenWatcom 1.9. I
believe that andrew clarke has been testing several of the other compilers with
the current development code, judging by some of the changes he's committed

If I can find/fix bug #3575595, we should be close to a release candidate for
3.3.0. Have you tested to see if #2944895 and/or 2944902 have been resolved?
Also, do we want to up the number of weeks that MakeNL will go back looking for
old segments? It's currently at 3 weeks, but some other nodelist processors go
back further. EditNL does 7 weeks, for example.


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