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From: Deon George (3:633/509)
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Date: Sun, 04.08.19 14:23
My bash script
Re: My bash script
By: Alan Ianson to All on Sat Aug 03 2019 12:13 pm

> Hello All,
> I am using this in a bash script to toss incoming files here and am having a
> problem with it that I hope someone can shed some light on for me.

> if [ -f fido/inbound/*.tic ]; then

> there in just one inbound *.tic but if there are more than one tic to be
> processed it fails and I see this..

Yeah, the reason it would fail, is the shell will expand it. IE: If you have 2
TIC's "a.tic", "b.tic", the command expands to:

: if [ -f fido/inbound/a.tic fido/inbound/b.tic ]; then

Which is a syntax error. There are probably many ways to do this, the way I
would do it is:

for i in fido/inbound/*.tic; do
# If there are no files $i will equal "fido/inbound/*.tic"
if [ "$i" == "fido/inbound/*.tic" ]; then continue; fi

mv $i $destination;

if [ ${MOVED} -eq 1 ]; then

> One last question.. I have a second section like the aboveeeee that looks
> for *.TIC instead of *.tic. Is there a way to edit the above line to look
> for both *.tic and *.TIC?

In my above example, you could have

for i in fido/inbound/*.tic fido/inbound/*.TIC; do

And then have another test for the uppercase *.TIC, that "continues".

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