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From: ANDROID8675 (46:1/121)
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Date: Thu, 31.01.19 19:20
New build?
Re: New build?
By: Nightfox to Android8675 on Thu Aug 28 2014 12:46 pm

>> I got a blu-ray player for $15 like 3 years ago.

Ni> That seems very cheap for a blu-ray player.. I'd expect to pay at least
Ni> $50-$100 for a decent blu-ray player (which most still seem to be priced
Ni> at).

it was just a player that you put in a PC (via SATA Interface), like a CD-ROM
drive that ONLY plays Blu-Ray/DVD/CDs, it didn't come with software, but VLC
supports blu-ray now (sorta), and I had a copy of PowerDVD 9 which did the
trick. Yeah, it was cheap, that's why I got it... 3 years ago. Since I got my
Asus Vg248qe, it also plays back all my 3d movies.

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