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From: Ross Cassell (1:123/456)
To: All
Date: Thu, 01.12.11 21:02

01 Dec 11 05:01, you wrote to me:


RC>> Even though Michiel renders your challenge moot..

BF> Yes? Of course I respect his ruling.

I didnt infer otherwise, your "ack" above would seemingly confirm that.. Smile

RC>> If Dallas Hinton had voted for you (and Michiel), forgetting how
RC>> he might have voted for any other, would you have bothered to
RC>> have challenged his eligibility?

BF> Of course. I challenged it before he cast his vote (in a comment to
BF> Roy).

I disagree, but maybe I wasnt specific enough..

The challenge as worded by you and overruled by Michiel was voiced by you as a
direct reply to Dallas Hinton's vote, not in a sentiment you may have mused
about in other communications. Therefore as I see it, your challenge was really
made official after Dallas had cast his vote.

So I ask again, would you have done the "same thing" if Dallas had voted for
both you and Michiel?

Also a couple points of order need to be made here...

I note today that RC30 voted no for you and yes to all the rest, to what do you
attribute his no vote that might be different from the other no votes you

Also since you brought up voting and election protocol in your failed
challenge, would you not find it odd that Michiel Van Der Vlist is himself
counting the votes with himself being on the list of candidates? Would not the
proper thing to do is to have someone coordinate this election who has no
standing to vote or be voted up or down?

While I have no fears that Michiel would cheat the system, I find it strange
that someone like himself who is a stickler for details, rules and other
minutia, is conducting a election that has him on the ballot. It just isnt
done, you dont give the inmates the keys to the cells!

I intend no ill will in the conveyance of these thoughts.

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Have A Happy Holiday Season!

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