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From: Ward Dossche (2:292/854)
To: All
Date: Fri, 03.10.08 00:53
Hardware failure

I just experienced a hardware failure and am on a back-up solution for the time
being. One of the controllers flipped, so reshuffled the cables to another
controller and am up again on the same PC though not as I would like it.

A hardware intervention will be required.

One of these days, but I don't know when yet, this system will be down for as
long as it takes to replace the original motherboard on the original PC.

I'll attempt to announce when this will be done so as not to inconvenience

Before someone starts telling me what I ought to do:

1) All data is back-upped
2) There is a back-up PC available if worse comes to worst.


Take care,


* Origin: Many Glacier -o=O=o- Preserve - Protect - Conserve (2:292/854)


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