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From: Roy Witt (1:387/22)
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Date: Thu, 21.06.12 12:10
Earth or the Earth
21 Jun 12 15:53, alexander koryagin wrote to mark lewis:

ak>>> Quite often I see that people call this planet "Earth", whereas I
ak>>> read it must be called "the Earth". Maybe there is a rule?

Look up the definition of 'the' in an English dictionary ... there are
several ways in which to use the word. One that fits your 'the earth'
scenario is:

The, determiner (article): used preceding titles and certain uniquely
specific or proper nouns, such as place names; the United States; the
Honourable Edward Brown; the Chairman; the moon, the Earth...

i.e. Earth is the name (noun) of the planet that you live on.
Mars is the name (noun) of a planet in this solar system.

Mars does not fit very well in the English language with 'the'; but 'The
planet Mars' does.

ak> So, your rule is quite controversial.

So is the word, the. It has many uses if one is familiar with the
language. It's not so familiar with someone whose native tongue isn't
compatable with English.

ak> [...In reality, women use Chanel perfume to attract men. And men's
ak> cheap cologne attracts women]

...Women use Chanel perfume to attract, while women succumb to cheap's cologne.


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