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From: Ardith Hinton (1:153/716)
To: All
Date: Sun, 17.06.12 02:32
Reported speach and BBC World
Hi, Alexander! Recently you wrote in a message to All:

ak> =========Beginning of the citation==============
ak> After watching the footage, Mr Campbell said he believes Uefa should
ak> not have chosen the countries as hosts of such a prestigious event
ak> in the first place.
ak> =========The end of the citation================

ak> Should it have been written in this way:
ak> Mr Campbell said (that) he believed UEFA should not have chosen the
ak> countries...

Assuming that Mr. Campbell is still alive & well, that he made the
remark(s) attributed to him shortly before the news reporters rushed to their
computers in order to meet a deadline or to get ahead of the competition, and
that I've seen no evidence suggesting he may have changed his mind... I'd say
"he believes". IOW, I'm treating the verb as an ongoing action here.... Smile

ak> It seems to me that there is a rule how to transform a direct speech
ak> into indirect one.

Quite possibly. I don't do rules well because so many of them are
devised for students at a grade three reading level... and I think you're far
beyond that. Adult native speakers of English carefully recite "i before e",
then shrug & do what looks right to them because they've never heard or don't
remember the rest of what was intended as a simple mnemonic. Some folks even
make signs saying (e.g.Wink "Staff only, no exceptions!" but make exceptions for
wheelchair users whenever I'm willing to take on the role of the Cantankerous
Old Lady who adamantly refuses to put up with this sort of nonsense.... SmileWink

As a native speaker of English I collect examples... sometimes for
decades... until I can explain in words the principles native speakers absorb
intuitively, with varying degrees of success. Whatever I have to say is thus
more of a principle than a rule. The notion that certain principles may take
precedence over others, in certain situations, explains more to me than rules
which are "more honoured in the breach than in the observance"... [wry grin].

Another example: within the last week or so Alexander informed the
denizens of this echo that he was puzzled about xxx. I'm reporting in my own
words, although Fidonet technology enables me to quote exactly what Alexander
said. To the best of my knowledge nobody else has responded to his concerns.
But a lot can happen in a week or so & electronic mail goes missing in action
from time to time, therefore I can't be sure Alexander is still puzzled. ;-)

--- timEd/386 1.10.y2k+
* Origin: Wits' End, Vancouver CANADA (1:153/716)


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