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From: Aleksej Serdjukov (2:5020/1042.42)
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Date: Sat, 07.04.12 00:04
Program Quoter - you are very welcomed
Hello alexander.

11 Mar 12 12:31, you wrote to all:


The page says "The autor permits using this version of the program freely,
providing that the program will not be modified or used for commersial

First, of course, the language: it should be "author" and "commercial".

I can understand not wanting to allow commercial use, although it doesn't
seem like a practical idea: look at all the free (as in "freedom"Wink software.

Second, what is the reason for limiting modification?

If somebody wants to make malware of your program, they can just change the MD5
sum in the file (or even make a program with a similar user interface from
scratch). But if somebody thinks the program has a bug, or wants to add a new
feature to it, they will have to contact you. If you abandon the program, or
don't want to add the feature, they will be out of luck.

I can also imagine an argument that somebody could change the program and
publish the binary without publishing the source. That's prohibited by copyleft
free software licenses like GNU GPL, and that's why simply removing copyright
restrictions is not a good solution to what copyright laws have come to.


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