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From: Carol Shenkenberger (1:275/100)
To: All
Date: Sun, 16.06.19 10:53
Re: Anyone?
By: Daryl Stout to CAROL SHENKENBERGER on Sun Jun 02 2019 01:36 am

> Carol,
> CS>Sorry to hear of the issues.
> I'm doing a little better financially, but the arthritis in the left
> hip and right shoulder have gotten worse.
> CS>I've been off the comuter for a week. Husband having heart trouble.
> Bummer. I had a chemical stress test and an ECG last
> blockage, and my heart is good.
> CS>Does the chair fit so your back is to it and knee backs snug to the rim a
> CS>sit?
> Right now, I'm up against it, but I don't lean back, or I'll tip over.
> CS>Meantime, Asian_link rocking along (grin).
> Glad to hear at least one echo is active. Smile
> Daryl
> ===

Might need a heavier chair then if it's rocking? With back issues, it's
important to be stable (no accidental rocking). I know it sounds like a small
thing, but once you have a chair proper for your needs, it makes a HUGE

The only thing wrong with my chair, is the arms are about 1 inch lower than
optimal. I drove the poor sales guy batty trying every chair he had but once
he caught on, he found it very interesting and since then, he took an online
class about medical ergonomics in the workplace. He's gotten a local
reputation now as the 'go to guy' who fits the chair to the person. Ton of
mail order catalogues and he knows how to measure a person to get the basics.

The critical measures are height and weight related as you can guess. Me at
117lbs and 5ft1, take a completely different fit than the average USA adult.

My problem is finding one where the height goes down far enough. Neeeds to
drop to 14 inches at top of seat or my feet will danglge causing back support
issues. The current one dops to 12 which is perfect and I have it adjusted to
13 inches. Although I normally sit straight up without hitting the back, I can
fit perfectly to it so as I wriggle about I can ease minor stress that way too.
No danger of tipping over as at 117lbs, it doesnt hit that marker at all.

In a sitting position with feet flat on floor, measure from floor to back of
knee then deduct about 1/2 inch. The chair needs to adjust to that height.
Probably not an issue for you but others here may need the advice if they order

The next measure is with same sitting position, measure from back of bended
knee to back of bum (grin). If there is a gap there, then the chair is too
'deep'. The knee should be flush or 1 inch past the edge when sitting with
your back to the back of the chair.

Width of chair is more related to weight but a good test, is if you can sit
cross legged in it (or 1 leg up and across), then it's a decent fit. I'm a
little cramped in this one but due to arm attachment design and it's workable.

Arm height. This normally is not adjustable. Sitting with feet flat on the
floor and bum to the back, your bended arms should rest on them from elbow to
wrist comfortabley so they are supporting you while sitting. This is where my
chair is a little off. They are 1/2 inch too low but it I am leaning forward,
they work to brace me. Acceptable since i had few choices in chairs that
swivel down as far as I need.

hhehe 101 workplace ergonomics for all!

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