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From: Carol Shenkenberger (1:275/100)
To: All
Date: Sat, 01.06.19 20:21
Re: Anyone?
By: Daryl Stout to CAROL SHENKENBERGER on Mon May 20 2019 10:34 am

> CS>Hi Daryl,
> Hi, Carol...
> CS>I have progressive DD. If you'd like to chat on what to expect and how t
> CS>keepit under control (reason for this echo was that type of thing), I'm u
> CS>it.
> Well, when they diagnosed me with it (on a CT scan, checking for
> something else), I reasoned "they shouldn't take away my disability
> now". I have a hard time sitting at the computer for a long
> time...whether for the BBS, ham radio, or other stuff. I also can't
> stand for a long period of time...either at the sink, the toilet, the
> stove, or in the shower, as my legs will spasm on me. Even though I've
> lost 60 pounds since August, by only eating one meal (I can't afford
> more than lunch meat sandwiches, and I'm burned out on them), and many
> days, I don't even get 500 calories...not even 25% of the recommended
> daily allowance.
> CS>First thing is check the chair you use. Is it fitted for YOUR frame to b
> CS>properly ergonomic for YOUR condition? This is the one workplace accomod
> CS>I need and was not bashful about as a contractor and later a government
> CS>civilian. (I'm a 26 uyear retired Navy E8).
> First, thank you for your service. Smile My late father served in the US
> Navy Submarine Service during World War II, and was in the Naval Reserve
> until he retired as an E-9 Master Chief Quartermaster 20 years before he
> died from pancreatic cancer. My wife died not 3 months after he passed
> on.
> Second, there's a swivel chair in the back bedroom (I'm back at my
> Mom's place, now mine, as she's dying in a nursing home east of Little
> Rock)...but I'm in one of those steady metal chairs here at the BBS
> computer. I only check her computer occasionally for software updates.
> Otherwise, the computer for the BBS and ham radio tasks, plus my laptop,
> are in the front room. It's rather cramped in here, but there's nothing
> I can do about it.
> Daryl
> ===

Sorry to hear of the issues.

I've been off the comuter for a week. Husband having heart trouble.

Does the chair fit so your back is to it and knee backs snug to the rim as you

There are a few fixes if too deep.

Meantime, Asian_link rocking along (grin).
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