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From: Carol Shenkenberger (1:275/100)
To: All
Date: Sat, 18.05.19 12:50
Re: Anyone?
By: Daryl Stout to STEVEN WOLF on Wed May 15 2019 10:20 am

> Steven,
> SW> DS> The echoes basically are in 3 statuses:
> SW> DS> 1) Dead -- hardly any postings in them.
> SW> DS> 2) Life Support -- kept alive by autopostings for BBS Ads, etc.
> SW> DS> 3) Alive -- active with traffic.
> SW> What would you consider the status of this particular echo?
> From our message traffic, "on life support". Otherwise, "dead". Razz
> In the BBS and Network Ads areas over here, I turned DUPLICATE
> CHECKING ON, as several systems were posting the same message for their
> BBS more than once a day, which obviously means several times a week. I
> noted in some echoes, the moderators have noted "no more than 2 postings
> of a BBS ad in a 1 week span", but that seems largely ignored.
> Also, I don't consider messages over 30 days old as being "timely", so
> once the original post is zapped, a new one can come in, and not be
> thought of as a dupe over here.
> Besides, folks should logon to a BBS because they WANT to -- NOT
> because they have to. For me, the BBS is one of the last few hobbies
> that I can still do, with my declining health. I have over 50 medical
> conditions, with an 11 page med list (doctors, surgeries, meds, etc.Wink,
> and they found degenerative disk disease in my spine a year and a half
> ago. So, while most days, I'm the only logon, I do it for my
> enjoyment...not only for the doorgames, but the banter in some of the
> echoes.
> Daryl
> ===

Hi Daryl,

I have progressive DD. If you'd like to chat on what to expect and how to
keepit under control (reason for this echo was that type of thing), I'm up for

First thing is check the chair you use. Is it fitted for YOUR frame to be
properly ergonomic for YOUR condition? This is the one workplace accomodation
I need and was not bashful about as a contractor and later a government
civilian. (I'm a 26 uyear retired Navy E8).

When I say fitted to your own frame, that is important. Your body isn't a
cookie cutter so just because the chair says 'ergonomic', doesnt mean it's
right for you. For example, my main need is to properly fit my height. I am
5ft1. If my back doesnt touch the back (and let me rest my back there) then it
is too deep. I have a perfect one at home where my back can rest, my knee is
right at the bottom and it lowers so my foot rests flat on the floor. Has arm
rests and is wide enough I can ease tension by sitting cross legged. I weigh
119lbs so didn't need anything special in support for the arms to use when
getting up. It swivels nicely.

My work chair is a little too deep but otherwise workable. It's the smallest
one in the office and when we have a metting in the briefing room, I roll it
with me as the other chairs are too high and deep. WE are about to move
offices and when asked if we had any accomodation needs, I told them my chair
will be moved with me.

xxcarol, no longer a TAB
--- SBBSecho 2.11-Win32
* Origin: SHENK'S EXPRESS telnet:\\ (1:275/100)


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