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From: Ed Vance (1:2320/105)
To: n/a
Date: Fri, 16.11.18 00:00
Thank You!
* Originally in: WindowsA

Howdy! ALL!,

Here in the United States we observe Thanksgiving Day in November,
so I thought I would say "THANK YOU!" to the people who Run, Read and
Enter messages on BBS's.

In the 30+ Years I've used BBS's ran on Commodore, Apple ][,
PC Compatiable and Other computers, I have learned a lot from Reading,
Making Comments, Asking Questions and also seeing what Others write about
in BBS Echo Conferences about various topics they know about or want to
know (more) about.

Mostly about how to use my computer(s) to make my life easier.

THANKS for the many HINTS and SHORTCUTS about how to use my computer(s)
to make life easier here.

And THANKS! for all of the GOOD non-computer IDEAS I've found in other
Echo's that I read, such as: Amateur Radio, Bible, Doctor Who, Space, etc.

I enjoy being able to learn and share what I read in BBS Messages.


73 de Ed W9ODR . .

... Have you checked your smoke detector batteries & Fire Ext, LATELY?!
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