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From: Alan Beck (1:229/426.36)
To: n/a
Date: Thu, 11.10.18 12:05
811H problem, please read

I put a pair of 572B tubes in my AL-811 amp and they died.

One went to a plate current of 600 ma and the other 75 ma.

Anyways, DX engineering tubes are coming.

I checked all my 572B tubes one at a time and selected the best I could for the
amp. The worst case sceneria was 75 ma.

Here goes.

600 ma
150 ma
85 ma
75 ma.

Am I going to trash my amp or will the output just drop?

It's holding at 500 watts right now. For 100 watts in.

So, should I leave well enough alone or should I only the 2 tubes in there as
soon as they arrive?

If one fails short could that take my amp out?

Best 73,

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