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From: Richard Menedetter (2:310/31)
To: All
Date: Wed, 22.08.18 18:12
Hi Jimmy!

19 Aug 2018 07:55, from Jimmy Anderson -> David Abutbul:

JA> Yeah, some DMR here, but I haven't jumped into that. No budget for new
JA> stuff right now...

I bought my RD-5R DMR and analog dual band HT for 56 USD including shipping.
The regular price is around 74 USD.

Also the somewhat better (but monoband) Tytera MD380/MD390 are under 100 USD

Not that much.
The RD-5R is limited, but OK for a first sniff at DMR.
For the MD380 you can get a GREAT homebrew firmware ...

CU, Ricsi

... Do what comes naturally now. Seethe and fume and throw a tantrum.
--- GoldED+/LNX
* Origin: laiceps er'uoy siht daer nac uoy fI (2:310/31)


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